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by Carey on November 8, 2010

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One of the best ways to improve your skills as a developer is to work to a purpose; that is, work to achieve something.

If you attempt to study any area Web Development you will probably find that if you don’t work towards a goal there is little motivation to keep you going. For example, what is the point of forcing yourself to learn scripting in Python if you have no purpose for it?

It would be a nice string to add to your bow but without a reason to learn it the motivation is soon lost.

By freelancing for someone else, either for work or as a learning tool, you will be more focused towards a goal and instead of “learning something” you are “achieving something”. The learning will come as experience, and that will stay with you much longer.

A good place to start freelancing is Scriptlance – pick a project, bid on it and if you are chosen you will work with a webmaster to complete it. Try it out and see how it will help you focus and improve your skills.

The top 10 most recent projects from Scriptlance are shown on the right of this website (under the heading “Current Projects”) although hundreds of new projects are added daily.

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